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The Research and Information Centre on Immigrant Integration (CDCDI), established in 2013, is the department of the Romanian Association for Health Promotion (ARPS) focusing on migration. The Centre has a library with specialised publications for students, researchers and professionals.

The topics of interest for CDCDI are:

  • Integration (migrants' access to Romanian language and cultural accommodation courses, housing, health care, education, labour market, goods and services);
  • The right to permanent residence and the right to obtain Romanian citizenship;
  • Civic and political participation of migrants; migrants' associations;
  • Discrimination and public opinion on migration and migrants, public discourse and mass-media.

The research published by CDCDI – ARPS includes:   (2013); (2014);  (2015);


In addition CDCDI organised three international conferences on migration in Bucharest (2014, 2015 and 2016).

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