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The Romanian Association for Health Promotion (ARPS), through the Research and Information Center on Immigrant Integration (CDCDI), in a partnership with the Advocacy Academy Association in Timișoara and the Center for Intercultural Research and Communication Association (CCCI) in Iași, undertakes between 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2017 the project ”Development of a network of organisations activating in the field of migration” (EMINET).

The EMINET project's general objective is to enhance the capacity of Romanian non-governmental organisations to participate in migration policy-making, and its specific objectives are as follows:

  • evaluating the impact of migration policies (emigration and immigration) on the Romanian labour market;
  • strengthening the capacity of Romanian organisations activating in the field of migration to influence public policies by a transfer of knowledge and good practices with national and international partners;
  • preparing a common advocacy agenda and consolidating NGOs' role as partners in formulating public policies on migration and/or in areas significantly influenced by migration (demography, labour market, development etc.).

EMINET aims to improve the existing legal framework by making it more attractive for migration and for return migration, based on the impact assessment of migration policies on the Romanian labour market, undertaken through two complementary studies on the effects of immigration and emigration, respectively, on the labour market. The research results after the two project years and the knowledge exchange with national and international organisations in the area of influencing migration policies provides Romanian NGOs with a necessary basis of know-how and good practices for initiating change.

The NGOs' role of partners of dialogue for changing migration policies will be consolidated through the advocacy campaign which aims to amend certain punctual legislation aspects, highlighted during the research and consultations with the network members. The legislative changes will be promoted through the joint effort of an advocacy coalition, consisting of organisations activating in the field of migration who are also members of the CDCDI network. EMINET’s target groups are NGOs and institutions with advocacy and migration activities, decision makers, students and human rights activists.



The project benefits from a non-reimbursable funding of 243,515.00 CHF as a Swiss grant awarded through the Swiss Contribution to the extended European Union.